Check your purchased HP laptop, it might be a stolen laptop!

Don't be a victim!

Check your purchased HP laptop, it might be a stolen laptop! If you bought your laptop from 11th May 2019 onwards, it may be a stolen laptop. The laptops were stolen from the Kenya Inland Container Depot (ICD) Nairobi and they belong to Mitsumi Computer Garage Limited. If you come across any of the laptops urgently contact us on Email: youreport@mitsumidistribution.com or Call: +254 733 692 234. Check the below serial numbers. You may be a victim of a stolen laptop!

Serial Numbers

CND9090NZG CND9090Z4N CND9090ZN5 CND9090ZN8 CND9090ZPB CND9090ZR5 CND9090ZSJ CND9091ZNP CND9094000 CND9094003 CND9094004 CND9094007 CND9094008 CND909400B CND909400D CND909400H CND909400M CND909400P CND909400R CND909400S CND909400V CND909400Y CND909400Z CND9094012 CND9094014 CND9094016 CND9094019 CND909401C CND909401H CND909401M CND909401P CND909401R CND909401S CND909401X CND9094020 CND90940206 CND9094025 CND9094026 CND9094027 CND909402B CND909402J CND909402K CND909402Q CND909402R CND909402S CND909402T CND909402V CND909402X CND909402Z CND9094030 CND9094032 CND9094033 CND9094036 CND9094037 CND9094039 CND909403C CND909403D CND909403K CND909403L CND909403P CND909403S CND909403T CND909403V CND909403W CND9094040 CND9094043 CND9094045 CND9094046 CND9094048 CND9094049 CND909404F CND909404H CND909404K CND909404N CND909404R CND909404S CND909404Y CND909404Z CND9094050 CND9094052 CND9094057 CND909405B CND909405F CND909405H CND909405L CND909405N CND909405P CND909405W CND909405Y CND9094060 CND9094062 CND9094065 CND9094066 CND909406B CND909406C CND909406LCND909406M CND909406Y CND909406Z CND9094072 CND9094074 CND9094076 CND9094077 CND909407P CND909407Q CND909407S CND909407T CND909407X CND9094083 CND9094088 CND9094089 CND909408B CND909408C CND909408D CND909408G CND909408H CND909408S CND9094092 CND9094093 CND9094094 CND9094095 CND9094096 CND9094097 CND9094098 CND9094099 CND909409D CND909409F CND909409G CND909409N CND909409Q CND909409R CND909409T CND909409W CND909409Y CND909409Z CND90940B1 CND90940B6 CND90940B7 CND90940B8 CND90940BB CND90940BK CND90940BL CND90940BM CND90940BN CND90940BP CND90940BR CND90940BS CND90940BT CND90940BW CND90940C0 CND90940C4 CND90940C5 CND90940C6 CND90940C7 CND90940C9 CND90940CF CND90940CG CND90940CH CND90940CM CND90940CS CND90940CW CND90940CY CND90940D3 CND90940D4 CND90940DB CND90940DD CND90940DH CND90940DJ CND90940DL CND90940DR CND90940DS CND90940DX CND90940DZ CND90940F2 CND90940F6 CND90940F8 CND90940FF CND90940FG CND90940FK CND90940FM CND90940FP CND90940FQ CND90940FR CND90940FV CND90940FW CND90940FX CND90940FY CND90940FZ CND90940G2 CND90940G3 CND90940G8 CND90940GBRCND90940GF CND90940GH CND90940GK CND90940GM CND90940GN CND90940GQ CND90940GR CND90940GS CND90940H1 CND90940H2 CND90940H4 CND90940H5 CND90940H9 CND90940HC CND90940HG CND90940HJ CND90940JT CND90940JW CND90940JX CND90940K2 CND90940K7 CND90940KW CND90940KY CND90940L6 CND90940L8 CND90940LK CND90940M2 CND90940MG CND90940MH CND90940MN CND90940MT CND90940N1 CND90940N6 CND90940N9 CND90940NG CND90940NT CND90940PH CND90940Q3 CND90940QQ CND90940QZ CND90940RK CND90940RX CND90940SQ CND90940SV CND90940V3 CND90940VX CND90940VY CND90940W3 CND90940WC CND90940WP CND90940WR CND90940X3 CND90940XM CND90940XN CND90940XQ CND90940Y1 CND90940YG CND90940YH CND90940YJ CND90940YM CND90940YP CND90940ZR CND90940ZV CND90940ZX CND90940ZZ CND9094105 CND909410Q CND909411L CND909411W CND909412F CND909413R CND909414M CND909415T CND909417D CND909417H CND909417J CND909417V CND909417Z CND9094191 CND90941B3 CND90941CJ CND90941CL CND90941CZ CND90941D2 CND90941D5 CND90941D7 CND90941DT CND90941F4 CND90941G1 CND90941G5 CND90940G5 CND90941G9 CND90941GD CND90941GG CND90941GJ CND90941GLCND90941GN CND90941GV CND90941GZ CND90941H3 CND90941H8 CND90941HB CND90941HD CND90941HM CND90941HN CND90941HR CND90941HS CND90941HT CND90941HV CND90941J0 CND90941J2 CND90941J3 CND90941J7 CND90941JB CND90941JC CND90941JD CND90941JH CND90941JK CND90941JL CND90941JP CND90941JR CND90941JY CND90941K0 CND90941KB CND90941KD CND90941KG CND90941KH CND90941KJ CND90941KL CND90941KM CND90941KT CND90941KV CND90941L0 CND90941L1 CND90941L3 CND90941L7 CND90941L9 CND90941LB CND90941LC CND90941LF CND90941LM CND90941LN CND90941LP CND90941LQ CND90941LS CND90941LV CND90941LY CND90941M3 CND90941M4 CND90941M6 CND90941M7 CND90941M8 CND90941M9 CND90941MB CND90941MJ CND90941ML CND90941MQ CND90941MR CND90941MW CND90941MY CND90941N0 CND90941N2 CND90941N3 CND90941NF CND90941NH CND90941NK CND90941NV CND90941NW CND90941NY CND90941P1 CND90941P3 CND90941P5 CND90941P6 CND90941P7 CND90941PG CND90941PK CND90941PL CND90941PN CND90941PP CND90941PS CND90941PT CND90941PW CND90941PZ CND90941Q1 CND90941Q2 CND90941Q3 CND90941Q4 CND90941Q6 CND90941Q8 CND90941Q9 CND90941QG CND90941QLCND90941QM CND90941QN CND90941QP CND90941QS CND90941QT CND90941QV CND90941QW CND90941R0 CND90941R4 CND90941R7 CND90941RH CND90941RJ CND90941RL CND90941RM CND90941RN CND90941RP CND90941RV CND90941RZ CND90941S0 CND90941S2 CND90941S3 CND90941S4 CND90941S7 CND90941S9 CND90941SB CND90941SH CND90941SL CND90941SM CND90941SN CND90941SS CND90941SX CND90941SY CND90941T1 CND90941T4 CND90941TB CND90941TC CND90941TK CND90941TL CND90941TV CND90941TY CND90941V1 CND90941V4 CND90941V5 CND90941V7 CND90941V8 CND90941V9 CND90941VG CND90941VJ CND90941VK CND90941VL CND90941VM CND90941VN CND90941VP CND90941VQ CND90941VS CND90941VT CND90941VW CND90941W1 CND90941W2 CND90941W5 CND90941W7 CND90941W8 CND90941WD CND90941WF CND90941WM CND90941WT CND90941WX CND90941X1 CND90941X2 CND90941X6 CND90941X7 CND90941X9 CND90941XB CND90941XH CND90941XJ CND90941XL CND90941XS CND90941XV CND90941Y2 CND90941Y3 CND90941Y5 CND90941Y6 CND90941YG CND90941YL CND90941YR CND90941YX CND90941YY CND90941YZ CND90941Z1 CND90941Z5 CND90941Z7 CND90941Z9 CND90941ZC CND90941ZD CND90941ZF CND90941ZJRCND90941ZM CND90941ZN CND90941ZW CND9094B12 CND9094H1C CND9094NF CND9094YV CND9094ZGG CND9094ZMW CND9094ZN7 CND9094ZNQ CND9094ZNX CND9094ZPF CND9094ZPT CND9094ZQY CND9094ZQZ CND9094ZR1 CND9094ZRB CND9094ZRJ CND9094ZSB 5CG91056TX 5CG91056FK 5CG91056QG 5CG91056Q5 5CG91056JK 5CG91055BW 5CG91055BP 5CG91055S1 5CG910554J 5CG91057SJ 5CG91056Y7 5CG91056LK 5CG910574Y 5CG9104YMQ 5CG91056PL 5CG9104YK8 5CG91056G1 5CG91056XV 5CG91055GQ 5CG91055VM 5CG9105688 5CG910566X 5CG91057M9 5CG91057HP 5CG91057WY 5CG91056CF 5CG91056P9 5CG9105536 5CG91057KZ 5CG910552R 5CG91057Q1 5CG91057WK 5CG9105543 5CG91057K6 5CG91057SR 5CG91057P6 5CG9105733 5CG91057GG 5CG91055N3 5CG9105726 5CG91055LM 5CG91056YR 5CG91055FY 5CG91055PC 5CG91057R7 5CG91057JW 5CG91057LN 5CG91057FS 5CG91057F2 5CG91056YM 5CG910551H 5CG91057LZ 5CG9105747 5CG910573S 5CG91055DV 5CG91056G5 5CG910551T 5CG91057CL 5CG9105522 5CG91057PL 5CG91055W4 5CG91056ZW 5CG91055ZD 5CG9104YF3 5CG91055Q3 5CG91055NN 5CG91056R3 5CG910578Z 5CG910570F 5CG910557H 5CG910575V 5CG91057FF 5CG91056TJ 5CG91056KB 5CG9105694 5CG91056J15CG910572L 5CG9105705 5CG91055TV 5CG910564B 5CG9104YJ2 5CG91055X2 5CG9104YDR 5CG910569G 5CG91055ZJ 5CG91055Q9 5CG9105665 5CG91055CW 5CG91055VB 5CG91056H4 5CG91055T7 5CG910552D 5CG910566G 5CG91056MZ 5CG91056PR 5CG91055R7 5CG9104YL9 5CG91055BD 5CG91057J6 5CG91055WN 5CG910571W 5CG91057BY 5CG91057NZ 5CG9105583 5CG91057GR 5CG91057QQ 5CG91057PS 5CG91057XN 5CG91057HC 5CG91055DM 5CG91055F8 5CG910553L 5CG91057WB 5CG9104YD6 5CG91057S2 5CG91057YV 5CG91054ZR 5CG910579F 5CG91057NM 5CG910571F 5CG910573F 5CG91057BH 5CG91057V9 5CG91056DN 5CG910578J 5CG9104YH4 5CG91056Z8 5CG910553W 5CG91055Y0 5CG91057X9 5CG91055GY 5CG91057N8 5CG91055SM 5CG9104YFP 5CG91056ZL 5CG91055Y8 5CG91056V5 5CG910563B 5CG91056KG 5CG910558N 5CG91055MT 5CG9105674 5CG910571Q 5CG9105782 5CG91057B2 5CG91057DK 5CG91055SD 5CG91055QR 5CG9104ZL9 5CG91057LF 5CG91056X9 5CG9104YHQ 5CG910577P 5CG9105612 5CG91055V3 5CG910559H 5CG91057G7 5CG91055XV 5CG91057VT 5CG91055VZ 5CG910577J 5CG91056HH 5CG91057L5 5CG910579R 5CG91057JJ 5CG9105617 5CG9104YCN 5CG910576R 5CG91057MN 5CG91057MV 5CG9104YN8 5CG91057TB5CG9104YC2 5CG91056KR 5CG91057RT 5CG91057YQ 5CG9105557 5CG91057TZ 5CG910575C 5CG9104YKV 5CG91057TJ 5CG91057GY 5CG91057C9 5CG91057JQ 5CG91057Q9 5CG910578S 5CG9105572 5CG910552Z 5CG91057RG 5CG91055ZX 5CG91055YB 5CG91057CY 5CG9104YFC 5CG91057Z5 5CG91056GT 5CG91056T2 5CG91055D9 5CG910558W 5CG91056VK 5CG9107K53 8CC91113F2 8CC91113C9 8CC91113C4 8CC91113C5 8CC91113F4 8CC91113DQ 8CC91113CP 8CC91113D1 8CC91113GF 8CC91113GD 8CC91113HJ 8CC91113B7 8CC91113JF 8CC91113J7 8CC91113D5 8CC91113CV 8CC91112TM 8CC91113CB 8CC91113FD 8CC91113F5 8CC91113DM 8CC91113DT 8CC91113C3 8CC91113C7 8CC91113HB 8CC91113DG 8CC91113HP 8CC91113DF 8CC91113HM 8CC911135V 8CC91113FG 8CC91113DD 8CC91113CC 8CC911138S 8CC91113DH 8CC91112WQ 8CC91113DZ 8CC91113DS 8CC91113JK 8CC91113HL 8CC91113HK 8CC91113B2 8CC9110NR9 8CC9110NMF 8CC9110NRD 8CC9110NR4 8CC9110NQY 8CC9111CCK 8CC9111C57 8CC9111C8Z 8CC9111C9H 8CC9111C9R 8CC9111C5B 8CC9111CD1 8CC9111C9X 8CC9111C9D 8CC9111C7L 8CC9111CCW 8CC9111CB5 8CC9111C0T 8CC9111C9B 8CC9111CB1 8CC9111C80 8CC9111C95 8CC9111C96 8CC9111CCH 8CC9111C9J 8CC9111C798CC9111C58 8CC9111C8N 8CC9111C9Q 8CC9111C5Q 8CC9111CB2 8CC9111C8S 8CC9111C45 8CC9111C9Y 8CC9111C81 8CC9111C90 8CC9111C59 8CC9111C6F 8CC9111C8D 8CC9111C9F 8CC9111C7D 8CC9111CCV 8CC9111CD3 8CC9111C82 8CC9111CLX 8CC9111CBF 8CC9111CB4 8CC9111C9W CND9085CNK CND9085CR2 CND9085CRD CND9085CTH CND9085D85 CND9085C4W CND9085DM7 CND9085DMX CND9085CQF CND9085CVY CND9085DMC CND9085C2V CND9085CJ1 CND9085DN2 CND9085C09 CND9085C9K CND9085CR6 CND9085DX5 CND9085CR1 CND9085D21 CND9085DLM CND9085DXG CND9085CD2 CND9085C9F CND9085D0W CND9085CTJ CND9085D6T CND9085DVQ CND9085DD8 CND9085CQ6 CND9085D3P CND9085D3R CND9085DJN CND9085D5P CND9085D5B CND9085DGH CND9085DL0 CND9085CLT CND9085DK3 CND9085D22 CND9085DPD CND9085CR8 CND9085CP4 CND9085C5Q CND9085D0V CND9085C9R CND9085CN7 CND9085CLD CND9085DSG CND9085D1S CND9085C78 CND9085D0R CND9085CL1 CND9085D3V CND9085DQ3 CND9085CBT CND9085CSP CND9085D8G CND9085CBD CND9085C9N CND9085D26 CND9085C12 CND9085CHH CND9085CLL CND9085D2R CND9085DPQ CND9085D8C CND9085CD7 CND9085CR7 CND9085D19 CND9085CFX CND9085DGB CND9085D9N CND9085D2VCND9085D0B CND9085C94 CND9085DJG CND9085CG5 CND9085D1P CND9085D4G CND9085C2D CND9085DMN CND9085CKQ CND9085CKP CND9085CL4 CND9085C4Q CND9085DPY CND9085C0M CND9085D29 CND9085DMH CND9085C2S CND9085CDX CND9085D1Q CND9085C5P CND9085DVZ CND9085C3Q CND9085C0F CND9085C4T CND9085D44 CND9085C50 CND9085CM8 CND9085CWS CND9085DSN CND9085DH3 CND9085C15 CND9085CTQ CND9085C56 CND9085CJL CND9085CKN CND9085CL6 CND9085C3R CND9085CT8 CND9085CTG CND9085CSN CND9085CL5 CND9085CH1 CND9085CL0 CND9085CGT CND9085C37 CND9085DT2 CND9085C2M CND9085C30 CND9085DWY CND9085D31 CND9085CM3 CND9085DPT CND9085DQS CND9085DX1 CND9085D5N CND9085DKK CND9085CX4 CND9085DMJ CND9085CQD CND9085DMT CND9085C0V CND9085CFG CND9085DBV CND9085D5T CND9085CKZ CND9085DS6 CND9085CNG CND9085D1K CND9085CRH CND9085CM1 CND9085CS0 CND9085C79 CND9085CLF CND9085DM9 CND9085CP5 CND9085C3K CND9085DMP CND9085DSL CND9085CN2 CND9085DVP CND9085DRK CND9085DBB CND9085D0F CND9085CZY CND9085D3W CND9085DL9 CND9085CGW CND9085C26 CND9085CFJ CND9085DPH CND9085CJX CND9085D61 CND9085CVQ CND9085CVZ CND9085DLY CND9085DSYCND9085CWP CND9085DRS CND9085DSV CND9085DJX CND9085DVC CND9085CVH CND9085C3P CND9085C0C CND9085DTM CND9085DQN CND9085C2G CND9085CMP CND9085D8K CND9085C8M CND9085CN9 CND9085C1H CND9085D5G CND9085D2W CND9085D3Q CND9085CXD CND9085DJH CND9085CKM CND9085D2H CND9085CN4 CND9085DMK CND9085DMD CND9085DCW CND9085D6N CND9085CZR CND9085C4R CND9085DT1 CND9085CDB CND9085CJV CND9085CNB CND9085CCF CND9085C3J CND9085DD5 CND9085DRY CND9085D4F CND9085CVG CND9085C4L CND9085CWT CND9085D5S CND9085CSQ CND9085DSX CND9085C4H CND9085CGX CND9085CM0 CND9085C4K CND9085D6C CND9085C4D CND9085CPB CND9085CKL CND9085CT9 CND9085DWL CND9085CL3 CND9085CG3 CND9085C46 CND9085CGN CND9085CQ9 CND9085CLY CND9085CJZ CND9085C4M CND9085DSQ CND9085DMV CND9085D7V CND9085DX6 CND9085CRB CND9085C2X CND9085CNT CND9085DMR CND9085DR4 CND9085DQ8 CND9085CPM CND9085CGR CND9085C98 CND9085D13 CND9085DQV CND9085D3X CND9085CG8 CND9085CVL CND9085D28 CND9085C2Q CND9085DWF CND9085CK3 CND9085DWV CND9085CBS CND9085CN3 CND9085C9H CND9085C7W CND9085DFZ CND9085DNT CND9085D3T CND9085C6W CND9085D24 CND9085C3DCND9085CRC CND9085DSF CND9085CM2 CND9085D4Z CND9085CJ3 CND9085DKN CND9085CL2 CND9085DJ5 CND9085DWT CND9085DMB CND9085DNK CND9085D98 CND9085CV6 CND9085D7L CND9085DKF CND9085D65 CND9085DT4 CND9085CKW CND9085CB7 CND9085DB5 CND9085C8G CND9085CNF CND9085CW1 CND9085DRX CND9085CSV CND9085CS1 CND9085CMX CND9085CJC CND9085DP8 CND9085D56 CND9085C4F CND9085C7B CND9085DPG CND9085CKB CND9085D2F CND9085CJH CND9085D9X CND9085DHV CND9085DM1 CND9085CVB CND9085CQ5 CND9085DH8 CND9085DV7 CND9085CTF CND9085C5T CND9085DM8 CND9085DWP CND9085D4M CND9085C2H CND9085C35 CND9085CKC CND9085CSY CND9085D2D CND9085D07 CND9085D2Q CND9085D6Y CND9085DJD CND9085C0P CND9085D6M CND9085D5C CND9085C9B CND9085CPC CND9085CGJ CND9085DQ0 CND9085C41 CND9085DPR CND9085CKX CND9085D0X CND9085CTB CND9085CBR CND9085D02 CND9085CQ4 CND9085D2M CND9085CLZ CND9085CJP CND9085CV5 CND9085CQP CND9085CGS CND9085CKV CND9085DCC CND9085CQ7 CND9085C4Y CND9085C4C CND9085D50

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    Check your purchased HP laptop, it might be a stolen laptop! If you bought your laptop from 11th May 2019 onwards, it may be a stolen laptop. The laptops were stolen from the Kenya Inland Container Depot (ICD) Nairobi and they belong to Mitsumi Computer Garage Limited. If you come across any of the laptops urgently contact us. You may be a victim of a stolen laptop!

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